Plane in 2050

14 06 2011

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Remove duplicate rows in Datatable

27 05 2011

It’s been long time for my blog with technical posts. So, today, I decided to write on “Remove duplicate datarows in datatable” before I start on Entity Framework 4.1, Azure and Silverlight 4.

DataTable dt = getDataTable();
dt = dt.AsEnumerable().Distinct(DataRowComparer.Default).CopyToDataTable();

Now you’re done.

You can check row count before removing duplicates.

Australian Open 2011

25 01 2011

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5 01 2011

Grampians, a western Victoria District, is a very beautiful place having diverse walk tracks, parks, lookouts and stunning scenic spots.


In the cool breeze and the temperature touches down 11 degree, we have started on Monday Morning. Having lunch at Halls Gap around 1 PM, we collected few details on tourist spots from information centre and planned our first trip to The Pinnacle. We parked our coach at Wonderland car park and took a walk through Great Canyon, Cool Chamber and Silent Street. Finally, we reached The Pinnacle with empty water bottles. We took totally 3 hours return trip. After tea refreshments, we spent our evening at Lake Bellfield. It is surrounded by mountains in three sides and the Embankment runs a length of 0.7 KM.

The Pinnacle

Tired out of first day, we relaxed at our Cottage in “Halls Gap Valley Lodge” with beer and music. My suggestion is to take accommodation here if you are visiting Grampians. Kangaroos and Emus might cross your door steps.


A very fresh and sunny morning on second day, we started towards McKenzie Falls. On the way, we hop out at Boroka Lookout and Reed Lookout to glimpse the beauty of Halls Gap and its ranges. It was nearly 300 steps to reach McKenzie Falls base. Believe me, it’s gorgeous. Then, we headed towards Brambuk National Park and Culture Centre and spent an hour there. After lunch, we reached Mt Williams, highest peak in Grampians. It was too hard to walk for 2 KM from the car park in elevated road on hill. Believe me, it’s amazing and wonderful view of Grampians.


Then our clock ticked to start towards Melbourne.

Man Madan Ambu

5 01 2011

Man Madan Ambu
Man Mathan Ambu is a romantic comedy… Kamal ~ Ravi kumar duo has proved their mantra again as a successful one…

The key factors that make this film hit

1. Introduction scene for Kamal.
2. Sentimental touch as available in every Kamal movie.
3. Trisha’s beauty.
4. Madavan’s Tamil
5. Sangeetha’s humor
6. Vish’s detective
7. Lots of laugh and laugh.

Everyone Should watch… Neela vaanam song is excellent… DSP did his part well…

Kamal is Kamal… It is going to be hit… Though the climax is am unexpected one, doesn’t matter when it comes with the comedy pack…

Overall go and enjoy the movie with your family…

Rating 4.5 lost 0.5 because of the climax…

One year in Australia

12 12 2010

Wow! I’ve completed one year in Australia (Melbourne). I’m looking back the days when I was in Off-shore. Being a highly workaholic person, I was very eager to go for On-site. Yes, it’s my first foreign trip in my life. New place, new people, salary in $ and Kangaroos were various factors boozing my excitement.

I got an excellent exposure while working with business users. Kolkata and Melbourne are the most important places in my life that made lot of changes in my life. I learnt a lot through my experiences in these cities. I suggest everyone to move out of your native place to work especially in bachelor life.

Australia, world’s fifth largest country, is a very beautiful place to live for new visitors. You could find mixed culture environment. Being an Island and a part of Oceania, Australia strictly follows Law and Order and highly secured place. I’ve visited 4 states – Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales (Sydney) and Queensland (Gold Coast).

Since I’m staying at Melbourne, I knew Victoria better than any other states in Australia. Victoria – “the place to be” is very beautiful place, best known for VIC roads. Being a capital of Victoria, Melbourne is also serves as a capital of Australia for Sports and culture. Public transport is one of the merits for Melbourne. It’s connected by Busses, Trams and Trains. Gippsland, Geelong, Great Ocean Road, Ballarat, Mildura are various tourism places in Victoria.

Memorable events in my life are as follows:
a) My first foreign country
b) Salary in $
c) My Nikon P90
d) My First Business Suite
e) Parents were here with me for 3 months
f) Performed music with 3 Australians
g) Parties
h) AFL
i) Australia Open
j) MCG
k) Guitar
l) Hip-Hop

How can I skip “Attacks on Indians”? I never come across this. Moreover, Australians are very kind and friendly in nature. Indians may complain me about my support towards Australians. However, Australians are good. I love their culture, sports, humanity, etc,.

Do visit Australia once in your life time!!!!

Naan Mahan Alla

20 08 2010

Naan mahan Alla

Karthick – A middle class son, who is seeking for a job, is roaming with his local friends. Then, he fell in love by his first sight with Kajal.

Kajal – A sweet good looking upper middle class girl who born to spend her father’s money. She fell in love by Karthick’s play boy activities.

-There is a mysterious murder happened in the city.
-Karthick loves Kajal
-With his poor friendly nature, he loses his first job
-His dad met with an accident. This taught our hero about the pain of running a family
-When his dad helps the police to investigate the murder case, he is murdered by the same group.
-Rest Climax

First half is a mixture of love, songs, family, friends and few thrillers. Kajal is good and nice. Karthick’s conversation, with Kajal, receives claps from the audience.

Second half is revenge, thrillers and murders. No Kajal. No love. No timing comedies. No song (Except in his dad funeral).

Suseendharan succeeded again in his project but failed to attract C grade audience.

Beware of High violence!!!

With 3.5, I’m expecting moderate hit of 50 days (Since Endhiran is coming on 24th).